Toilet & Shower Units

Why Buy a Clareco Cabin?


Product Types:


Toilet and Shower Units:

  • Connection to mains available
  • Single and Multiple WC Units 
  • Male and Female 
  • Multiple Shower cubicles 
  • Urinals 

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Product Sizes:

  • 20ft x 10ft                                                                               
  • 16ft x 10ft
  • 14ft x 10ft
  • 12ft x 10ft
  • 8ft x 4ft
  • 4ft x 4ft


Product Benefits:

  1. Cheaper Alternative
  2. Ultra Secure - Anti Vandal
  3. Durability
  4. Easy to Locate 
  5. Ideal for Sports clubs and Outdoor Events 
  6. Ideal for Camping Sites 


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